Most of the components in the industrial and engineering sector use pumps, motors, and chemicals. For smooth and reliable and efficient operation coatings are applied to them. The main reasons for corrosion are moisture in the air, presence of water in the internal parts. To avoid corrosion, friction, noise these coatings play a vital role. Coatings also resist heat, temperature and chemicals.


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A common maintenance problem is that adhesives can squeeze from the edges of the web and build up on the roll, causing potential textile defects. Adhesive can also grab the web to cause roll wrap-around. Adulon have a number of coatings which are both hard wearing and will eliminate adhesive build up. Our coatings prevent the wet or damp web from sticking to the drying can (also known as drying cylinders or drying rolls) whilst giving a long operational lifespan. Adulon provides coatings for the problems in textile printing such as contamination from one ink colour to the next or lost time through laborious cleaning of dried or cured ink on application equipment.

The range of parts Adulon’s coats for the textile industry is comprehensive and includes rolls, drying cans, pumps, sizing drying cylinder, ink trays, ink pumps, compressors and gears.


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