The coating has to be given in order to avoid carbon sticking on the moulds which decreases the life of the products. It also reduces the breakage and increases the production. Molding of plastic and other items are easier nowadays. We have modern machineries and techniques to mold plastic effectively and accurately. Moldings of different designs and sizes can be made. Automatically operated machines are used to auto molding procedures. For food processing machines FEP Based Coating is so important and given to customers. PFA Coatings are used for molds which resists high temperatures. Teflon coating is also given for Golf Balls and Rubber Mats. The sticky properties of plastic wares and cook wares including frying pans can be changed by applying Teflon coating. Our engineering services will help you meet determine the appropriate specifications and tolerances for your application. For example, aluminum seal plates and heat platens for the packing industry require a non-stick wear surface with operating temperatures up to 500°F.

Industrial Products
§   Textile 
§   Compressors 
§   Pumps 
§   Molding 
§   Automative 
§   Chemical Processing 
§   Fasteners 
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§   Solenoid Plungers 
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§   Petro Chemical 

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