Food Processing

Bread Molds Bun Molds Roller Chute

Adulon polymers provide coating for various equipments used in food preparation. All our food coatings are FDA approved. The purpose of the coatings is usually to prevent the food from sticking and hence to improve its flow through the processing or packaging machinery.

Components that can be coated are depositors, moulders, moulds, conveyor belts, conveyor drive rolls, conveyor idle rolls, scrapers, enrobers, hoppers, chutes, funnels, buckets, gates, flaps, vibratory conveyors, sifters, screens, weigh stations and weighers.

The type of food that Adulon’s coatings can deal with is likewise quite varied and includes flavourings, dried fruit, drying chocolate, raw meat, caramel, cheese, starch, gluten, marzipan, molasses, sugar, bread, chewing tobacco, dog food, dog biscuits, dog chews, dough, frozen vegetables, raw vegetables, candy, pasta, rice, ice cream, cakes and biscuits.



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