Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

Filter Tanks, Small Vessels, Reactors are coated with ECTFE, ETFE to avoid corrosion when chemicals are used. If chemical products react with one another, then the side walls of the tanks will get corroded or burnt. Pumps, Valves, Tanks & Impellers are coated with Teflon to protect from chemical reactions and corrosion.  Teflon is used in high-purity bulk chemical systems, wet etching, stripping, cleaning, chemical mechanical planarization, analytical, and high-purity chemical manufacturing.

Bulk chemical distribution (BCD) reduces costs for delivering chemicals from large bulk containers. Automated equipments are used for diluting and dispensing chemicals. Teflon is widely used in BCD components to help protect fluid purity.

Teflon PFA HP and Teflon PTFE are used to line or form tanks and containers for storing and dispensing ultra-pure and aggressive chemical fluids. Suppliers can deliver chemicals in returnable drums lined with Teflon. For applications involving pressure, metal or reinforced-plastic tanks can be lined with Teflon PFA HP. Teflon resins are compatible with virtually all chemicals to help protect fluid purity.

Industrial Products
§   Textile 
§   Compressors 
§   Pumps 
§   Molding 
§   Automative 
§   Chemical Processing 
§   Fasteners 
§   Printings 
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§   Petro Chemical 


  • Heat Exchangers
  • Sensors
  • Transducers
  • Heaters used in contact with chemicals
  • Chemical Blowers, Impellers
  • Pipes, Bends
  • Vessels

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